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Jersey Knit Headbands

It's my first blog post on our website, and I have to say, I'd like to just speak as though I've been blogging for years. I guess in reality, I have been dabbling in the blogging world for over a decade, but work/life/etc. always seems to get in the way. I'd like to say things will be different this time. But, who really knows?

Recently, things have been shifting in our lives. With the sale of our house in the city and the construction of our soon-to-be new house in the woods, I'm managing the ever-changing routines and stresses by browsing Pinterest and teaching myself new skills in the crafting realm.

In the mix of all of the amazing things to create on Pinterest, I found myself purposefully not starting on that enormous, but beautiful quilt, or the complicated cable stitch crocheted beanie - because I don't think at the moment I have the headspace to focus on harder projects.

Finally, I found a project, that I've tweaked along the way...

A twisted faux knotted headband.

I mean... isn't it great?? The best part about the headband is that it's sewn together pretty quickly and it's something that friends and family will love for the occasional birthday or Christmas gift.

I've loved making these adorable headbands and cannot wait to start sending them to you, too! Please check the shop section of our website or find us on Etsy. They can be purchased either on here or over there. As always, feel free to contact me if you'd like a custom made headband - or anything else for that matter! We're working hard to create new items to list for clients to purchase and also tutorials on how to make some of the items we've listed.

Until next time,



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