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Meet the The Common Thread Team

Our Creative Family

The outstanding team at The Common Thread makes this a business unlike any other. No matter what you need, our dedicated group of crafting enthusiasts are here to ensure your experience is a real pleasure. We can’t wait to help you!

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


Daughter & Co-Creator

From the earliest memories of her childhood, Madalyn was always witnessing creativity come to life. Her mom was always sewing or whipping up something crafty. Watching her mother custom create her own wedding dress is one memory she holds on to dearly. Her aunt, a master gardener, was always crafting beautiful flower beds while her cousin simultaneously whipped up a brand new recipe in the kitchen. If creativity was genetic, Madalyn believes the women in her family were all blessed by that gene. 

When she isn't sailing with her family on the Chesapeake, you can typically find Madalyn drinking a cup of coffee, sitting in her craft room, & humming a tune, all while researching & dreaming up the next four projects she wants to create.

Madalyn's humor & positivity radiates from her soul effortlessly. Whether it's teaching herself how to quilt, challenging herself to backpack endless amounts of miles in Scotland with her husband, or training for half marathons, she does it with a smile on her face and with joy in her heart. Since teaching herself how to quilt, she is now figuring out the next "big step" in working with different types of fibers. Madalyn shares her love of crafting with her daughter, Lilly, best friend EJ, and mother, Jenni - who ultimately lit the fire of designing and creating things in Madalyn's soul.


Mother & Co-Creator

Ever since Jenni can remember, she always wanted to be a fashion designer. Fast forward 20 years later, little did she know that she would be custom designing outfits for her daughters and dresses for her friend's weddings.

Jenni lives with her two kitties Barnes & Nobel. When she's not crafting, you can find her fly fishing, hiking, or at local thrift stores finding treasures from items that other's tossed away.

Jenni's gift is truly inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone. Her warmth and sincere encouragement gives her clients the confidence to try a new project. Her friends would say that Jenni is always eager to lend a hand, a pair of scissors, or a cup of coffee to help guide their creative ideas into a reality. 

2 (002).jpg


The Happy Hippie

Hi, I’m Jill. I am a fifty-something mother of four and a major fabric addict; been one my whole life.  I have also been friends with Jenni since I was 5 years old and helped in raising Madalyn. I enjoy sitting down to my machine with no plan and just vibe-ing. Two hours later - I have a one-of-a-kind creation. Each of my hats tells a story of what was inspiring me that day. Sometimes the hat is all one print and screams fun. Other times I like to mix up prints, colors, and fabrics to create a truly unique product.

Hats are joyful.

Colors are happy.

And fabric prints are amazing.

My hats combine all three. And who doesn’t want a joyful, happy amazing hat?! One of the things I like the best about hats is they don’t change size. I can wear the same hat whether I am at my “fighting” weight or if I have let things slide for a few months and have gained a few extra pounds. Hats are the perfect accessory and the perfect gift. No size-guessing!

I love each of my creations and have a hard time parting with them. However, knowing they will be loved by the wearer makes it a little easier. Each hat gets a name before it leaves my shop. Feel free to change the name as you see fit.

Visit my Etsy store to see one that’s perfect for your vibe.

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